Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WOYWW - 7th April 2010

Hi WOYWWers!

I am a bit early with my pics, but I figured I better get them in, before I forget!

This is what is on my desk this week - the SU images have not moved, but at least I have made a start on the 80th Birthday card for my friend's father.  I have used the toolbelt from Taylored Expressions Boys will be Boys stamp set.  I am not that happy with my colouring in, but will use these images to play with the layout.  When I am happy with the layout, I will stamp another image and colour in properly ;-)

I had set aside some copics to take part in a Copic colour challenge, but I don't think I will make it in time.

On the left, is some fabric for me to start my first quilt - thinking small here!  I think I will start with a throw cushion for the bed.  I have come across some instructions for a simple log cabin quilt, and will give it a go.  Although, I do need to get the sewing machine out, so this will probably become one of my many UFO's (unfinished objects).

Not much actual crafting has been completed this week, aprt from finishing the card for nephew (see previous post) as I have been in an organising mood, pottering about 'sorting'.  I recently sorted my stash of 12 x 12 papers and have put them in colour sections - they still need some refining, but it is better than being all in one pile.  Next will be my A4 papers - they are stored in a filing cabinet.

I finally got to sort my clear/unmounted stamps into blank CD cases and have categorised them.  I did some labels for them on the computer.  I am still intending to stamp them all in a book so that I can see at a glance exactly what they will look like stamped.  My friend Beth did that recently and I thought it was a good idea.

How do you sort your unmounted/clear stamps?

If you want to have a nosey, just pop over to HERE Julia's blog and check out some more workdesks!


  1. its great your getting organised!

    Looks fab!

  2. Very nice sorting of your stamps...I would need to do that! Will be back to see your finished project!

  3. You are very organised. I recently made a book of my stamps and it is so useful.
    Clare x

  4. Thats a very tidy crafting space :-)
    A x

  5. Sort stamps? What is sorting?! LOL

  6. Great organization going on there, I keep all my clear sets in a large box, but it's getting rather full so I have to do something about it soon!


  7. great idea on storing clear stamps! thanks so much for that I so desparately need to sort mine!

    love your stamped image! and is that fabric to the left of it??? its yum yum!!!

  8. This is sooo organised. I could do with some lessons.

  9. Being in the clearing and sorting mood is a very good thing. Dang, you'll be so smug! I love the idea of organising, but I don't. My acrylics are in a large see through box, in need of categorising. I don't need to stamp them all out, but I do need a better system!! Love your choice of fabrics - get to it gal!

  10. Hi Cathy - i often resort to sorting when i'm out of inspiration. i love the idea you've done with organising your stamps... i tried with CD cases and it didn't work - then i realised i'd got the really slim line cases (DOH)!!!

    Paula x x x

  11. oh i love the fabric, it's yummy. good luck with the quilt xxx

  12. Your stash of papers look very interesting. Great way to store them. I use CD cases for my clear stamps, but wish I was an organised as you re labels! ikki

  13. Evidence of a real perfectionist here! Lovely fabrics too!

  14. I take my ht off to you with all this organization ...I think I need to take lessons from you and I might be able to find the stamp I'm looking for. That material is very strokeable lol

  15. Love those colors for your quilt. I also store many of my unmounted stamps in CD cases. I've left my T!m Holtz stamps in their packaging and just punched through the plastic bag. Those were then put in a small 3 ring binder that used to hold my Planner pages. I still want to alter those binders. I have some larger flourish stamps in a clear case which fits in a magazine holder. Good luck organizing.

  16. I'm still thinking about storing my stamps... been doing that for ages now =)

  17. very organised. I put my clear stamps in a photo album.


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