Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Joey - Just Beautiful!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

View from my window today

This was the view out of my window earlier this afternoon.
the autumn leaves were almost glowing against the grey sky

So I stayed inside and spent the day sewing ..............
see my posts on

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Block Swap

I have just completed my first block swap with Sue

Sue requested a 12" churn dash block in blues, creams & browns - I hope she will be happy with it.  I will get this in the post on Monday.

Sue, if you are reading this and you don't like it, PLEASE let me know before Monday and I will redo it.
oh dear!!  the pressure we put on ourselves when participating in our first swap ..........  LOL ;-)

Having said that, I really did enjoy the way this one came together - even after I mis-cut one of my strips ;-)

Here is what I made up after I had messed around with the fabric.  this was made using 4" squares cut into triangles.  I did not realise getting the zig zag pattern would be so easy!

Check out the Australian quilting blockswap for full details on this lovely little group. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WOYWW 12th May 2010 - Happy Birthday - 60th & 80th

Whilst I have been busy on the baby quilts over the last week or so, I thought I should really do some cardmaking - my desk was feeling left out ;-)

so I made it all messy again! although, some of you would say not very messy!

Belated birthday card for my friend Cate - am having lunch with her today and will be able to give to her in person - YAY!

Birthday card for an old work colleague, Gail

My second 'commissioned' card from Cate to give to Gail - this image even makes me think of Gail LOL

inside - Gail loves champers!

The final finished card for my first 'commission' 80th Birthday card for my friend's Dad.

Must be off - am catching the bus into the city so that I can have a few 'champers'  LOL

Don't forget, if you want to have a nosey on other people's workdesks, pop on over WOYWW using the link on the sidebar - it is a whole lot of fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It is a bit earlier than expected, but ...... I am a Great Aunt - again!

My nephew's twins arrived a bit early yesterday!

Riley Shane and Shaun Robert were born at 27 weeks and only weigh 920 gms and 910 gms.

They are both so tiny!!!

Mother and babies are doing OK - the babies will stay in hospital for about 3 months.

As well as being Mother's Day this weekend, it is also Jade's birthday!

Looks like I have a few cards to make on the weekend - or shall it be one big combined card with babies, flowers and birthday cake???  ;-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

WOYWW - 28th April 2010

I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm so very, very late!

Hello fellow WOYWWers!

it took me two days to visit you all last week - and that was only the people who left a comment on my blog - I am sorry I did get around to visiting everyone!

I have given myself a break from sitting a the computer and have been attempting to lessen my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) by doing some cross stitch ;-)

This project has been sitting around for many years - I had to stop when it became too hard to see the grid ;-)  I eventually enlarged the pattern but need the magnifyer to see where I am sewing ;-(

I must say, I am very pleased to be at the tail end of this one.
Finally up to the backstitch stage - the end is in sight!

If you want to have a 'look see' at other people's workdesks, click on the WOYWW icon on my sidebar - you will be impressed!

Here is Baby Quilt1 - I am not sure I am completely happy with this layout - I think it is a bit busy now that I have been looking at it for a while - maybe that is why I have not actually started sewing the strips together.

Here is Baby Quilt2 - a very simple easy 9 block layout that came together very quickly ;-)

I went out to Spotlight and got the batting during the week, so I think it is time to actually start sewing it all together.  I need to investigate the 'quilting' process - I think I will have to give it to someone to quilt - hopefully there is someone closeby that can do it.  Any recommendations for anyone in Adelaide??

Must be off, my laboursaving device (washing machine) is beeping to tell me it needs my attention ;-)

Have a good weekend!
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