Monday, April 19, 2010

It has begun......

I have decided my first real/proper quilt will be made following

I just love this material - I love the little hands ;-)

This is what happens when you go ahead and cut without reading ALL the instructions properly ;-)

My triangles were not quite right ;-( and they are not going to join properly

This is what happens when you read ALL the instructions properly and take your time cutting - a much better result!  **smiley face**

Now to go and do a few more strips - stay tuned for some more pics!


  1. Gorgeous fabrics, and I LOVE the hexagons! Looks fabulous!

  2. Ha, ha girl that will teach you! What do you think instructions are for????? Lovely work though even if the first two are a bit wonky! ha, ha...

  3. Yep....... measure twice and cut once that was what I was taught!!!!! It's hard though when you want to get a block done!!!

  4. Uh we should read instructions. Love the fabrics and enjoying watching this project.


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