Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Peter!

Today is my nephew's 14th Birthday - where did the time go?

I have been working on this card for about three weeks now - working on the idea, getting the image just right, then making a GSD file to cut on the CraftROBO.

I was inspired by this card over on SCS, but as I didn't have that particular template, I had to make my own.  My card is not as jazzy as the electric one ;-), but mine is a more sedate accoustic guitar, as this is what Peter is learning just now.  Who knows what will be next - his parent's have objected to drums ;-)

Finally, my card has come together and I am happy with it - I think!  Now that I see the photos, I could have smoothed the edges a bit better!

Strings have been added with sewing thread.

The gold circle is actually from a sticker sheet with sailing boats on it ;-)

The inside has received some treatment - unfortunately, I know nothing about music, so I am not sure what sequence of notes I have determined here in the placement of the gold stickers ;-)

Here is the back!

We are off to have a combined Birthday/Easter celebration BBQ later this afternoon - the weather this weekend has been perfect!

We get an extra hour today ;-)  We have finally finished our Daylight Saving Time here in Adelaide - YAY!

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  1. Oh wow....this is so fantastic Cathy. You have put lots of thought into this card. Love the background on your blog also.


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