Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, Blogger, you are trying my patience!!!

I am having no end of difficulties posting comments on other blogs and I am imagining given the lack of comments on my own blogs of late, so are others!

there does not seem to be a pattern to it

I got a new situation today - the blog I want to leave a comment on (QBSA) does not allow anonymous comments, however, I am an author of the blog and I am logged in - I am NOT anonymous! 

Others have said to log out, then when you log back in to untick the remember me box - I CANNOT LOG/SIGN OUT

I have been wading through 'something is broken' on blogger and there are numerous questions about people having difficulties leaving comments - for me it all started the same time they introduced the new interface - why introduce a new interface?  there was nothing wrong with the old one .....

why fix it when it aint broke?

If anyone one else is experiencing problems with leaving comments on my blog, please leave a comment, or email me.

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  1. Yes comments are slow at the moment on mine too. Hopefully this one goes through to you :-)


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