Monday, August 8, 2011

Now for the results .....

You may have wondered what my previous post Testing, testing, 1 2 3, was about.

Well, I was testing a different way to insert photos, but I was also testing out a recipe for cupcakes with butter icing.

What am I doing posting a recipe on my cardmaking blog? I hear you ask ;-)

Well, it was my nephew's birthday and I offered to make cupcakes and of course, they had to match the theme of the party, which was Transformers ;-)

Easel card

2" cupcake toppers printed and cut out using CraftROBO

This is the professional cake

The whole table layout - lots of yummy goodness ;-)


  1. Wow...what a great shaped card. I bet your nephew love it and the cupcakes. Looks like it would have been a very yummy party.

  2. Oh this is really great. You did a fantastic job


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