Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby ;-)

Baby fever has hit our household.

With Riley's first birthday just last week - see card HERE - now we have a baby shower card for Riley's Mum - yes, Riley will have a new little sister soon - around the end of June beginning of July.

I went to a baby shower today, for my nephew's wife.

My own creation using the CraftROBO.

I also made this big carry bag for her and filled it with goodies.
See my other post HERE for details on the bag.

They say Adelaide is so small, well they are right, it seems I went to school with my nephew's wife's aunty - does that make us Aunties-In-Laws??


  1. yep, adelaide is a small place alright! love the bag and the card - im sure she was blown away with it

  2. It is a small world isn't it....

    Love your card, you are so clever with your craft-robo. The bag is wonderful too.


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