Friday, December 10, 2010

Be vewwy vewwy qwiet ....... we are hunting kittens

Mother Cat
 We have a stray cat in our yard - it has been hanging around for a few weeks.  Hubby first noticed the cat about 4 weeks ago.  I noticed it in the back yard about 3 weeks ago.  Two weeks ago I saw it 'pacing' and meowing along the back fence, so I went to investigate - saw nothing.  Then the next morning all was revealed - 3 kittens (2 black, 1 black & white)

Mother cat has since moved the kittens from the back yard to the front yard - we have no fence, so the fear of them getting run over by a car is great.

the smallest kitten - Kitten No. 3
  We have hired a cat trap in the the hope of catching mum & the kittens, so that we can take them to the Animal Welfare League.

The emotional side of me would like to keep one, but the sensible side of me says 'no'.  We had cats many years ago, and don't want to go through that again ;-(


  1. Cathy my daughter in law is looking for a black and white kitten! They want $50 each in the pet store. Got a picture of it?
    I could collect it if possible.

  2. Hi Linda, have sent you an email with what pics I have of all the cats - have not seen the little black & white one for a few days ;-(

  3. Oh dear hope you can catch them or find them new homes.Im a cat lover and hate the thought of any getting hit by cars as I have been thru that..Hope Linda can save one for you...

  4. two have since been caught - mother cat is very careful of the trap - she has been able to take all the food out and not set it off


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