Sunday, October 24, 2010

oops! apologies to feed readers

Oooops!  Apologies to feed readers.

I am closing my Cooking and Photo blogs as it is proving difficult/time consuming to keep separate blogs. 

I have just gone through the exercise of importing the previous cooking and photo posts to this blog and forgot that, although they would appear in date order in the blog, my followers would be notifed of each post ;-)

thanks Annmaree for alerting me ;-)


  1. LOL, thats OK I was just freaking out thinking I did something wrong to not get your feeds, then suddenly get a dozen of them hehe LMAO...

    One blog is definitely easier!!!

  2. Lol....I thought you had ghosts Cathy....I have been catching up on shows of Ghost Whisperer. Glad everything is ok.


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