Thursday, March 25, 2010

WOYWW - I remembered this time!

Hi everyone

I have been watching the WOYWW (Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday) for a little while now and have often been amazed at some of the things I have seen ;-)

They range from very messy to very tidy - the one thing they all have in common is that they provide me with inspiration ..... inspiration to have a tidy up ;-) or something I may see in the background may give me inspiration to manage my stash ;-)

Anyway, here are two pics from my desk - each taken about two weeks apart

The above photo was taken in the middle of a 'design' session to make two cards using the same layout, but different colours and stamp images.  I was also experimenting with Copics - at the time, I was almost ready to throw them out the window, but I think I will keep experimenting with them a bit longer ;-)

Here we are two weeks later, making a card for my SIL (on left) - once again experimenting, but with a new style of card called a sidestep card.  I also made a rough card for my nephew's 14th birthday - this one was the very first sidestep card I tried, but got the measurments the wrong way round, but as you all know, there is no such thing as a mistake on a card ........  only a variation on a theme ;-)
Now that I have mastered the sidestep card, I can participate in the CraftMad March swap - it has to be sent to my partner by end of the month - nothing like leaving it till the last minute - hang in there Beth, it will be on it's way soon   ;-)  


  1. Welldone with the organisation, and thanks for the link to the blog. I'm sure it'll help me too!

    AND BTW I LOVE that frangpiani stamp, can I ask who is from/what its called?


  2. thanks Annmaree, I have sent you an email with the full details of the stamps used. the large stamp is a Stamp-it and the small one is a Kaiserstamp

  3. Mmm I love that stamp too!! All your cards look great and I'm glad to hear you're still working with your Copic's!
    I'd be too ashamed to show you my work space at the moment!!!!

  4. Those are all so amazing. Just love that little hedgehog!

  5. I agree it is great to look at other work spaces. Love the stamp you have used in the second picture. Keep going with the Copics. Lynne x

  6. A very nice and tidy desk - very interesting projects you have got up to! Yes WOYWW is manly about snooping but with the snooping you get new ideas - both for your projects and how to organize your stash ( not that you need that - it looks very well organized!)
    Have fun!

  7. very tidy! and love your almost ready cards

  8. I really love the stepside card design. Thanks for sharing your space.
    A x

  9. beautiful cards! great pic of your work space!


  10. ooh i LOVE that hedgehog - very cute xxx

  11. Love your array of cards ,,,,it is so true about inspiration from the blogs comes in mant forms

  12. Such a clean an tidy workspace Cathy and a great collection of copics there. Great cards.

  13. love that spotty paper you are putting with the cute hedgehog.

  14. Wonderful! An Australian WOYWW! Is that a Penny Black stamped image I see? Love the card with the Frangipani on it too. Welcome to the madness.


  15. I do love Monty Python...I hope you relised there was a link to a You tube clip of the mad rabbit!!


  16. e.g. chocolate, coffee, champagne & chips(that's the four basic food groups .... isn't it ;-))

    OMG... really?!?!?! where does ice cream fits in there???? LOL!!!!

    thanks for keeping an eye on us!
    -- dalis
    PIO Owner
    btw. I heard it takes some practice to get those copics to look how you want... but I have no clue, since I am a BIG CHICKEN... and I haven't taken the plunge yet.

  17. Love the pics of your workspace and your creations happening! :D
    Am glad to hear that you're not going to throw those beautiful copics out the window! Keep on practising and you'll LOVE them to bits in no time! :)


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