Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have copics !!!!!

and I must confess, after having a play, I am not too sure they are for me  ;-(

The work differently than watercolours, or painting with a brush using inks, don't they .......

This is the first image I tried to colour in.  Sarah Kay was stamped with Stazon and coloured with copics.  I realised straight away that Stazon is not a good medium to use copics with.

The next thing I realised is that in order for me to get the delicate shading I am used to, I will need to buy more copics.  I understand it is recommended to get a light, medium and dark in each of your preferred colours.  ............. mmmmmm  $$$$$

I tried using the blender to soften various bits, but realised that my cardstock was not suitable for this type of colouring either.

mmmmm, not having a very good experience for a first attempt.

Next I tried stamping with Versamagic, Midnight black with clear heat embossing.  This worked better, but I noticed the heat embossing went a bit dull. 

Once again, I couldn't get the gradient of dark to light the way I wanted it without damaging the cardstock using the blender.

The embossing came back to shiny again, once I reheated it ;-)

This one is a bit more successful, but once again, I am going to need many more copics to get the same effect as my watercolour pencils/inks.

Here they are, side by side, and don't look too bad in the photo, but in real life, I am quite disappointed with them.

The iris image with the heat embossing has turned out the best.  I will have a bit more of a play during the week when it is nice and quiet at home, but me thinks they may be appearing on ebay some time in the near future. 


  1. I think they look wonderful for a first timer. I hear practise is good. I only have two pens so can;t offer any advise. A new crafting addiction hey!

  2. Stick with them Cathy - you can deepen the colour by re colouring once the first layer is dry. The clear blender is really for removing colour not really blending. Check out this site for helpful hints.
    'I Love Markers'. You'll grow to love these I'm sure!!

    Your cards look good!!


  4. I want the hat the girl is wearing. Actually her whole outfit is cute, as is the card. Great job.


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