Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Free Zone - Friday, 29 April 2011

At the risk of alienating some of my followers, I am declaring our household a wedding free zone on Friday, 29 April 2011

I blame the constant media for this. 
I enjoyed watching Charles & Diana's wedding - I even stayed home with Mum and made a night of it ;-) and I was looking forward to William & Kate's wedding ............ until I was bombarded with it almost every time I turned on the TV or radio.

Channel 9 (in Australia) I knew you had lost the plot when you started messing with our regular shows - moving them without notice, playing episodes out of order, taking them off mid-season, bringing them back without notification, but you have really done it now!

Dame Edna Everage - providing commentary - SERIOUSLY??!!!! 


  1. OH I do know what you mean. I really don't watch regular tv at all, but from the coverage I have seen its already been way too much, on the net, on the radio, cable tv etc.

    I actually said to mum last week, so their getting married this weekend right? and she was like NO theres weeks to go! I couldn't believe its just hyped up so much, so far ahead its rediculous!!!

    I really feel sorry for them to be honest, if I were them I would have eloped lol.

  2. I am so glad I have I didn't realise everyone was being bombarded so much. There must be someone else the could get to commentate the wedding. I was actually keen to watch it. Well not constantly just the important bits but if I have to listen to Dame Edna I think I might be flipping channels.

  3. my house is going to be wedding free too............i am sooooo sick of hearing about it all..........5 hrs of coverage... now come on..i know of four foxtel channels dedicating the day to it and then there is the free to airs as well.....i think i will be dusting off some dvds for the day


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