Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cards for friends

A very dear friend was in hospital for a while and I wanted to send him a get well card.

I was struggling to find a good get well card that was not too 'girly' and when sorting through some cards I had made in the past, I came across a heap of cards that had started to fall apart.

The double-sided tape I had used, had lost all of it's 'stick'.  On going through a few of my boxes of cards, I found an awful lot of cards that will need to be remade ;-(

There is a silver lining to this cloud - I got to change a few previously made cards and make them suitable for a new purpose.

It ended up being quite theraputic making up these cards again and putting some new finishing touches.

A card for his wife's birthday.

I am so pleased he will be home to help his wife celebrate her birthday.


  1. two awesome cards, so great to see!

    Love your style!

  2. What great cards Cathy. That first card is perfect for a male 'get well' love the diamonds and stickers.


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