Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not the Craft Fair, but better ;-)

I decided not to go the Craft Fair yesterday - I couldn't stand the thought of the crowds and all those prams and wheelie carts.

But I went on a crafty shopping trip anyway ;-)

I went for a drive to the new Gepps Cross Spotlight - let me say, I love my little Clovercrest, the staff are just great, but the Gepps Cross store is about 4 times the size!  It is so well laid out and organised and so VERY neat and tidy and the staff are GREAT too!

I got some great fabric and bits and pieces

I picked up a colour guide - hopefully, it will help me in picking my fabrics

great aussie sunburnt country browns & golds

navy & white and grey & white

fat quarter bundle - I don't normally like greens, but I am quite taken with this combination.

After visiting Spotlight, I went on a mission to locate Need4Bead - a new store opened up close to me.  A friend recommended I go and have a look.  Let me tell you, I was most impressed with this new store.  Staff were great and most helpful. 

I only spent $20, but I got all of these!

It could be a dangerous thing with a bead shop now so very close - only a 10 minute drive ;-)


  1. awesome, cant wait to see waht you make!!!

  2. Have you checked out the new Paper Flourish (Formerly Papercraft4U) on Nelson Road? They are in the shopping centre in the old Blockbuster store. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Hi Cathy
    I love those beads, sublime! I noticed you following me and just popped in say hi. Love what I see

  4. wow - great buys all round! i love the gepps cross spotlight too. it is always so neat and tidy - a big difference from my local one

  5. Oh certainly have had fun Cathy. Love those fabrics you have bought. Are green and blue ones Heather Bailey at all? I had papers like that.


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