Friday, August 6, 2010

WOYWW - 4th August 2010

well, where did THAT week go?    I had so much planned for the week - then I got shaped on my plan - I have only been shaped once before - must have been all the WOYWW blogs I visited. ;-)

I am back on full speed now, so I can continue with my visits ;-)

lots of lovely things on my desk, some bits have not moved since last week. 

Bottom right hand corner is my CraftMad July card swap - well one of the cards anyway.  We have to swap 2 cards with a Christmas theme using the paper piecing technique.   I found it very difficult to find some Christmas spirit for this one, but I am winning. 
Kerry (if you are visiting ;-) ) your cards will be in the post on Monday ;-)

The material blocks are for the CraftMad June sewing swap - we had to make up a softie to swap with our partner, and then do a Toy Society 'drop'.  I will be catching up with my swap partner soon, and hopefully, we can arrange to do our drop ;-) 

We have to get photographic evidence of our deeds, and will post photos when done.  Isn't it exciting?

lots of sewing on my desk (please see my sewing blog for those details)


  1. looking awesome cathy, I see your really into your sewing thats great!!

  2. Love the look of all your patchwork, must go to your other blog now! I'll vote for your CUP card too.
    am I being thick - what is "shaped" is it an Aussie saying???

  3. Hi Cathy - thanks for explaining shaped!nothing like that happens to me in the UK but know you explained it I have heard of it happening to others in Australia.
    thanks for following my blog - I am following you now.


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