Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WOYWW - 28th July - 60th & 8th Birthday Cards

this is my workdesk this week.

A mix of sewing and cardmaking.

see my sewing blog for the details about the material on my desk. 

There were some lovely comments left on last weeks WOYWW - thank you - I haven't got around to seeing everyone yet, but I will ;-)
Julia was very observant ....... she asked what the salt pig was for and if I always took off my foam squares in neat rows  LOL   I confess, yes, I am a bit 'thingy' about taking off my foam squares in rows :-)
the salt pig came from a kitchen clear out - I thought it might be useful for something ........... I think I have just moved one piece of junk from one room to another ;-)

If you want to have a nosey on other people's work desks, click on the icon on the sidebar, I am sure you will be inspired by what you see ;-)

I have had a very busy week this week.  I needed two birthday cards - one for a 60th and one for an 8th - talk about opposite ends of the spectrum  and BOTH cards are needed this weekend - nothing like leaving it till the last minute for inspiration to hit!   LOL

The card for the 8 year old is for my nephew - the invitation arrived and made my decision on the type of the card to make very easy - a Harry Potter card ;-)
I try to make a personalised card when I can, and this card was no exception.  I do hope that he still gets a kick out of seeing his own name on the card.  I was inspired by an idea I saw over on CraftsUPrint  using a curved card base to make a wobble card - and yes, the card does wobble! 
Card was designed by me and cut out using the CraftROBO.  The font is a free one called Parry Hotter.

The next card for a very dear friend who is celebrating reaching 60!  There were times when he and his family thought he would never get there.  Just this last week he spent some time in hospital with heart problems and there was a possibility the party would be cancelled.  He is pretty tough, and was determined to be home in time to celebrate with family and friends.

Card was designed by me and cut out using the CraftROBO.  The base of the card is a metallic gun metal grey and the numbers and balloons are a wonderful holographic cardstock - unfortunately I can't seem to find where I got it from, which is really bad, coz I want some more.

Here is the inside of the card - the word 'celebrate' comes from a disc that came with the ROBO.
I didn't realise until hubby brought it to my attention ................... it is a bit of a funny shape when you can't see the '60'  LOL
boobs or bottoms ................ what do you see?
Either way, I know Alan will love it ;-) 


  1. 2 awesome cards, love them Cathy!!

  2. Hiya

    fab cards love the lettering on the Harry Potter one, the colour shades of items on your desk look good!


  3. lovely card.... the way I take off my foam squares would make you cringe!


  4. Quite a selection on that desk !!

  5. Great cards love the colours of the Harry Potter one. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the fabric.

  6. Two great cards love the way your 8yr old potter card wobbles may have to try that design.Have great WYOWW.
    hugs judex

  7. OMG these cards are them both!!! I am half way through making a Harry Potter card have been trying to find a Harry Potter font and couldn't find one.Could you please let me know where you got it!! Thanks so much!!

  8. Great cards I see what you mean about the 60th card when it's both I think.

  9. Beautiful cards hun :)
    My number 3 son is called not a spelling mistake lol, I wanted to be different so added an extra M :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  10. Great cards, the 60th really stands out on your shelf. Some yummy material on your desk too. Have a great day, Tracy Evans x

  11. love the font on your 8th card and your 60 th look like a butterfly to me when its open, have a fab time at the parties.

  12. Lovely cards!! Indeed, very funny when the 60 is open :)
    ** Evi **

  13. Hi
    oh luv the material on ya desk, fabby cards, luv the harry potter, looks great, have good day, sue,x

  14. Blimey ... lots going on here ... Thank you for sharing!

  15. That Harry card is sure to make one little boy very happy :)

    I love how you store your pens! Very accessible. Mine have to be up high away from little nearly 3yr olds hands. Otherwise there would be tears. Mine!

  16. Happy WOYWW!
    I love that ceramic pot thingie with the chiminea-like opening. It's beyond me what it is, but I Now Want One.
    Right Now.

  17. great cards! LOL about the boobs or bottoms

  18. Lovely cards, I have to make a 60 wedding anniversary soon. Have a great WOYWW!

  19. Hi Cathy just read your profile I am a liverpool lass I am new to blogg land - your cards are fab - thanks for my mooch around your blog lv Liz

  20. a lovely desk to have a snoop at, and so tidy. both your cards are stunning.

  21. 2 super cards and interesting pile of fab fabrics, i may just have to investigate your other blog!

  22. How well organised your work space looks. Your cards are lovely.

  23. Love the cards ..especially the 8year olds.

    You materials are beautiful ...had a quick look at your sewing blob I wish i had the patience ...your blocks are wonderful to look at.

  24. fabulous cards I love them. Not sure I've visited you before so hi! I've been a bad blogger & missed a far few weeks of woywdw!
    Helen x

  25. Like the cards, especially the 8th birthday one.

    ** Kate **

  26. Good ideas and thanks for the snoop,

  27. Great cards and a very tidy desk!

  28. Fantastic cards Cathy, love all the glitter and shimmer on both of them. Those wobble cards sure look like fun. I to, like to take my foam squares off in rows. :-)

  29. They are great cards CC, I see boobs. I wonder what that says about me!! OMgosh taht quilt is going to be amazing. How much time??!!

  30. I can totally appreciate that quilt. It is going to be super. I can't cut straight or sew straight, so any quilt I made would look pretty silly. I take my foam squares off in rows, too. Happy WOYWW.

  31. Really love your cards and have been over to your sewing lovely.
    A x

  32. wow love your desk and glad i found your blog
    look forward to following

  33. I think both of your cards are right on and will be cherished by both. Nice craft area.

  34. Great pen storage - love the HP card you made.

  35. fabby cards, loving those shapes you used...and love that fabric...mmm, lush x

  36. lol first thing i saw was a butterfly...then boobs! hehe...still a great card! happy woyww


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