Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun with CraftsUprint!

I have known about the site for a while now, but until recently, have not done anything with their products.  That all changed this last two weeks.

I was taken with some of the clown files they had on offer - so here are some of my creations.

The response was very quick as soon as payment was confirmed via Paypal, the files were ready.  Downloading went without a hitch. 
All the elements required to layer the card are included.   In both of these cards, they were printed on white textured cardstock and highlighted with Kindy Glitz and Dimensional Magic.

The clown cards can be found HERE 

This card is a 'wobble' card - you just give it a little push and it wobbles!  ;-) 
I will get a better photo of this card when the sun comes out and stays out  LOL


  1. Yes, it is a great site! If you join them, every time someone clicks on that link you provide, you will get paid for it!! I made UK 2pound 80 last month! You also get paid if people buy from a link you provide. Great deals all round, and they are really cheap! Spread the word, I love their stuff.

  2. Love these cards Cathy...especially the wobble card, what a great idea. Such wonderful colours.

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