Saturday, May 15, 2010

My First Block Swap

I have just completed my first block swap with Sue

Sue requested a 12" churn dash block in blues, creams & browns - I hope she will be happy with it.  I will get this in the post on Monday.

Sue, if you are reading this and you don't like it, PLEASE let me know before Monday and I will redo it.
oh dear!!  the pressure we put on ourselves when participating in our first swap ..........  LOL ;-)

Having said that, I really did enjoy the way this one came together - even after I mis-cut one of my strips ;-)

Here is what I made up after I had messed around with the fabric.  this was made using 4" squares cut into triangles.  I did not realise getting the zig zag pattern would be so easy!

Check out the Australian quilting blockswap for full details on this lovely little group. 


  1. I think it looks fantastic, both are so unique!

  2. Wow...wonderful Cathy. Love your fabric.

  3. Quilting blockswap....hmmmm...what could that be??? I am always amazed at your work - wish I could produce such stuff I can just about manage a card every few days! Ehhh..

  4. I love your churn dash block - I'm sure Sue will too. I'm hoping to start a churn dash quilt soon - after I finish some other projects!


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