Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Room

I have been keeping busy re-organising my room.  I used to have a separate craft room, but now I have been 'relocated' and I am now in the same room as the computer - heaven!

Hubby has been a huge help shifting furniture and putting up pictures, repairing/repainting walls.  He was also a great help when I banged my shin against one of the bookcases I was trying to move - he helped me hobble back to the recliner in the family room where I was promptly told to 'sit down, put some ice on it and raise that leg'.  In less than a minute, I had a lump about the size of a marshmallow on my shin.  My darling hubby then proceeded to finish the task I was in the middle of when I hurt myself.  It is still very sore, but at least the swelling has gone down.  All I am left with at the moment is a bit of broken skin and a hint of a bruise that is yet to come to the surface ;-)

This is what I started with back in 2005 - all my craft stuff fits on one small desk.

This is what I graduated to in 2008 - hubby divided the L-shaped lounge/dining area and I took over the old formal dining area.

This is my new craft room - now everything I need is in the one room - heaven!

All my cardstock and papers are on a nice big desk that has the guillotine ready to use.

Bits and pieces are stashed in bookshelves - I am still in the process of finding new homes for everything.

This is my work area - the small bookcase on the right has all my beading supplies - hopefully, with it all in one place now, I will get to spend some time beading as well!

The old craft room will now be known as 'the library' ;-) as it will have the large bookcase in it. The library will house my treadmill too and another small computer desk that hubby can use his laptop on when I am on the main computer.

So far, apart from the gashed shin, things are progressing nicely - the lounge has been used as a sorting area and currently looks like a bomb hit it ;-)


  1. Your craft area is amazing,now you have to get creating...........waiting to see what you come up with!!!

  2. OH WOWSERS, I would love that! very organised and laid out well!

    You should be so happy!

  3. that is fabulous.. i to am in the process of resorting mine... not an easy job but well worth it as i love the look of yours..


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