Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More of my new toy!

Well I have been having a ball playing with my 'Robo Cop' (as my husband calls it LOL)
I tried an experiment with some lattice work cutting - I think I have to work on a higher pressure to cut through the card, as not all the fine bits were done. I am sure it won't take me long to learn which settings to select for my cardstock. Here is my toy in action!
Here is the end result of my first lattice card! I placed a white envelope behind the cutwork for the photo - I think I will place pearl paper as an insert, when I decide what words I am going to put on the inside. I am intending to heat emboss some wedding rings in silver on the centre panel. Will post another picture when finished.
I also downloaded some absolutely wonderful GSD files from http://risalenee.blogspot.com/ - you really must go have a look. You will be amazed with the things this lady has done - and she shares them with others freely!
I just fell in love with this image the moment I saw it, and just had to try. I have a friend who is a dog lover and will absolutely love this!
I really need to learn to get my settings right - I think I need to increase my pressure a bit more - I am so scared of cutting right through the carrier sheet LOL I am afraid my cutting did not do the GSD file justice.

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  1. Wow...love that lacey cut out Cathy..and the dog is too cute. You sure look like you are having fun. Something I have read along the way is not to increase the pressure but if it is almost cutting out cut it out twice. So make a copy of of your image and leave it on top and that way when you send it to be cut it cuts twice. I hope this makes sense. Will find more detail and email you.


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