Saturday, July 4, 2009

Craft ROBO - my new toy!

I have a new toy - a Craft ROBO. I have wanted one for ages, so have finally decided to get one. Now I can cut all sorts of things out - I am not limited to using cartridges or dies - the possibilities are endless!
My first experiment was to cut out my name - I wonder just how many people did that as their first try LOL
Then I cut some really fine text
then as I got a bit more comfortable, I used the 'GOOD' pearl paper to cut out some Christmas type words and images.
then came the really big experiment - to print an image I already had and cut it out - worked first time! how cool is that!
At this point I should really thank the members over at CraftMad_Forum - they were most helpful in helping me decide which cutting machine to purchase. Lana - affectionately known as the ROBO Queen - is most eager to help anyone who asks - I am sure we will be corresponding a lot in the near future.
then I went on a search of the net to see what I could find for free - and came across this site - there is a wealth of information over there - Mary's_Blog is wonderful too! I am sure I am going to enjoy this new direction in my crafting.
The following is the shirt & tie GSD file from Mary - I cut the shirt from white cardstock, and the tie 'bits' from DP. I think next time, I will mount the DP with jac paper to some light cardstock before cutting. I will do something with this card to finish it off later.
so here is my first REAL creation - a Christmas Card.
I used one of the GSD files that came with the SkatKutz disc that came with the Robo, Bazzill bling run through the cuttlebug as a background, highlighted with gold corner stickers. Mounted greeting using 3D foam and highlighted with kindy glitz.

I love the clean cutting lines - I am so happy with my new toy!


  1. Hey great stuff, Cathy! I am sure you will have a wonderful time using your new machine!! It does a great job, I like the idea of outlining a picture. I have never actually seen one of these in use, have fun with it.

  2. WOW fabulous creations,I have a silhouette and don't use it as much as I would like.Have fun,there are so many things you can do with it!!!

  3. Wow. Your creations look fantastic. I also live in Adelaide (northern suburbs) and have just bought a craft robo. Do you know any regular craft groups that get together that use the craft robo so I could go and learn how to get the best out of my new toy? Thanks

  4. Hi there, don't know of any local groups, but have visited a few sites and as requested, will send you a list of them in a day or two to your email. have fun learning!


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