Wednesday, June 17, 2009

IMAGE SWAP #2 Christmas in July

Over on StampSwapCreate I recently took part in their first stamp image swap. I now have some lovely new different images to have a play with and can't wait to get them coloured in!
Swap #2: Theme: Christmas in July is now up and running.
THEME: Christmas in July
SWAP TYPE: Group Swap (Restricted to max. 6 per group! Can have several groups running if necessary)
ITEM: Stamped images (not-embossed) in a Christmas/New Year theme. Must be of a colourable nature (ie no sentiments please unless they can be coloured). Please send 6 x 3 different images (ie 18 in total) to receive 3 back from each person (you'll receive a total of 18 images back). So you might send 6 x santas, 6 x teddies and 6 x holly/berries.
Please don't start stamping until after the sign-up date has expired in case the group has less than 6 people.
PLEASE DO NOT STAMP ONTO BAZZILL, PLAIN CARD MUST BE USED (SEE REVISED RULES) (Note added by CrafteeCC - if Bazzil cardstock is the only cardstock you have, may I suggest images be stamped on the smooth side)
We are on Facebook, or they can follow us here.
SIGN UP: by midnight Australian East coast time 30 June 2009.
DUE DATE: items to be received by Organiser by 17 July 2009. Please note you must enclose sufficient postage on a SSAE (Stamped Self Addressed envelope) for your images to be returned to you. Overseas swappers - you will need to enclose a self addressed envelope and extra 5 different stamped images in lieu of postage.
Remember to read the rules of swapping before signing up.
Any questions please leave a comment or email the organiser.

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  1. Hey Cathy, I can see all the posts....all your cards are looking wonderful


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