Saturday, February 21, 2009

2008 Adelaide Royal Show - Open Art & Craft - 1st & 3rd Prizes

Here are my 2008 entries
the plate on the left got 3rd prize. This technique is known as French Dimensions and is applied a bit like icing using a nozzle. The plate went through 3 firings before being finished.

the soap dispenser on right got 1st prize. This technique is marbling, the gold overglaze is layered on top of a container of water, and then the item is gently placed in contact with the surface and rolled to get the marble effect. As the unfired gold liquid is black and the soap dispenser is also black, you have no idea what the end result will be until it is fired. It is definitely a leap of faith when doing this type of work.

Here they are on display at the Royal Show.
Now to decide what to enter in the 2009 show!

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  1. Gosh you are quick! LOL I loved these when I saw them at the show, you must be very proud of the work you have done.
    Thanks for showing these, love 'em!



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