Monday, August 29, 2011

Update on Julie-Ann from Shirley Twigg

Shirley has just posted this message on Facebook

Well Julie has found her peace and passed away this morning, glad that she will be with beautiful Jacinda, so sad for Len on an already sad day xxx Thank you for all the prayers and love and light, I know we all helped make Julie's journey a little better and gave the family some peace during a sad sad time, I'm glad we kept the faith and hope, and I'm so thankful that Len had some time with the love of his life xxx

So sad, words don't seem to be enough - my thoughts are with the whole family and DUST community.

EDITED:   The DUST community banded together to raise funds for the Twigg Family by listing various items on ETSY.  To date DUST has collected $3,694.06.   I am so proud to be part of this wonderful Aussie Community. 

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