Thursday, April 1, 2010

WOYWW - 31st March 2010

It's Wednesday again!  boy that week went quickly!

I have finally put some ink on my latest SU purchase - I bought these in the beginning of the year, but haven't used them yet.  As you can see, I am playing with some paper piecing - now to sit down and colour them in!

I have a few birthdays coming up and really need to buckle down and get some cards made. 
I have also been asked to make a card for a friend's father's 80th birthday - a bit of a challenge, but I am working on a few ideas and will keep you all posted.

Must be off and get out to the shops to do a bit of grocery shopping, then when I come back I can relax and so what I love most ............... being in my craft room.

If you want to have a nosey, just pop over to Julia's blog and check out some more workdesks! 


  1. Hi Cathy - thanks for visiting my desk and for leaving a comment. Its great to make new friends.

    I have family in Salisbury, Adelaide who went out just before I was born in '71 - think they went around 69 ish.

    Anyroad, nice to see a new WOYWWer - although looks like you blogged your desk last week - i did mine too but at the time it was published, i'd just have had the surgery.

    ooohhh let us know when it is actually your 50th - that defo needs celebrating.

    Paula x x x

  2. I LOVE those stamps, wow you have heaps of stamps I LOVE!

  3. That is a fun stamp what you are ding with the checkered over laid parts

  4. What a fun stamp. I wouldn't know where to start with colouring in but could possible dumf it :-)
    A x
    [the meaning of dumfing is on a link on my blog if you want to know :-) ]

  5. Your desk always looks so organised Cathy!!!!
    Can't wait to see what these cards look like completed.

  6. Oh cool image - actually had an 'enlarge' moment and loked at the whole set - very useful, specially for those pesky boy cards! Perfect paper to piece for the chef's overall!

  7. Love those chef's images and the paper piecing, they're great!


  8. Love those images - and your paperpiecing is very good - that will be lots of fun!
    Thank you for the snoop!

  9. Adorable images. See some Zing there!

  10. ooohhhh me likey that stamp!! love your paper piecing!



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