Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday card for Great Niece - 3 years old

Here is a card I made for my Great Niece 3rd birthday. Card was made using 3D images that I won in the blog candy from Linda's blog. I had a ball making up this card, but I did remember the next day why I don't do a lot of these type of cards - my right hand was so sore from all the cutting!
so thank you once again, Linda, for my Blog Candy!
Poste Edited: I originally had Grand Niece, but I realised it should be Great Niece


  1. What a beautiful card. Cathy you don't look old enough to have a Grand Niece.

  2. Thanks Merry - you are right, I am not old enough to have a Grand Niece - oops! I got my terminology mixed up - she is the daughter of my niece, therefore my Great Niece and that makes me a Great Aunt!

  3. Beautiful, Cathy! Great to see you doing such a wonderful job with the 3D papers! LOL I am sure she will love it!


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